We are growing 57 hectares of salad potatoes and 100 hectares of maincrop potatoes for the 2018/19 season. The majority of these potatoes are destined for the major multiples via various packers.


Salad potatoes – Alexia, Jester, and Athlete.

Maincrop potatoes – Lady Balfour, Triplo, Sorrento, and Acoustic.

Our supply of loose-skin potatoes starts in mid June with set-skin potatoes available from early August. We also have storage facilities available to extend our supply window through to the spring.

One of our most recent investments has been an on site potato store, which has a high humidity capacity enabling us to store through until June – facilitating year round supply.

Due to customer demand a second cold store is scheduled to be completed by June 2018. The second store will also allow improved handling of seed, which is vital in our organic system. Seed can now arrive on farm in December/January and be chitted – ready for planting in optimum conditions in the spring.

New Potato Store under construction, March 2018.



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