Organic Principles
Timely irrigation, green manuring, beneficial insects, just part of the organic outlook taken.
Carrots for supply from July through to May the following year.
Combinable Crops
Growing Spring Oats, Spring Barley and legumes (Peas/Beans) for sale in the UK and overseas.
TC & N Taylor - the UK's leading supplier of organic pre-pack potatoes.
Renewable energy

TC & N Taylor Ltd is an organic farming business based in North Shropshire.

TC & N Taylor Ltd is a family owned business supported by close family and a 10 full-time staff. The team is headed up by Nick Taylor and farm manager James Britton.

The farm currently covers an area of 1,000 hectares (2,471 acres), consisting of owned and rented farms. Regenerative agriculture has been at the heart of our farming principles for many years.

We continue to grow new crops/varieties and further develop our customer base. With this in mind we have installed a new wash line and expanded our grading lines. Our aim being to better serve our existing customers both in the retail and non retail sectors.

Our objective is to make affordable organic produce accessible to as many people as we possibly can. We hope to achieve this through sustained improvement of our systems resulting in increased efficiency and quality. In addition we are continuously looking at ways of extending our growing season enabling us to supply our quality produce all year round.

Red Tractor Farm Assurance


The Farm Business Food and Farming Industry Awards Winner 2010
Parliamentary Review - Best Practice Representative
Assured Produce Growing Partner


Organic Soil Association Certified