We are growing 50 hectares of salad potatoes, and 110 hectares of main crop potatoes for the 2022/2023 season. The majority of these crops are destined for the major multiples.

Varieties include:

Salad potatoes:- Jester, Alexia, and Jacky.

Maincrop potatoes:- Triplo, Lady Balfour, Valor, Acoustic, Carousel, Twister, Twinner, and Carolus.

Our focus is on varieties that have a natural resistance to blight. We are always looking to try out new varieties (on a field scale basis) despite the risk of crop failure, which we have experienced on many occasions!

Our supply of loose-skin potatoes starts in mid June with set-skin potatoes available from early August. We also have storage facilities available to extend our supply window through to the spring.

Storage and grading facilities:

One of our most recent investments has been an on site potato store, which has a high humidity capacity enabling us to store through until June – facilitating year round supply.

Due to customer demand a second cold store was completed in 2018. This particular store has greatly improved potato seed management, a vital part of our organic system. Seed can now arrive on farm in December/January and get transferred into chitting trays – ready for planting in optimum conditions in the spring.

Two further cold stores (1,500 tonne capacity and 800 tonne capacity) were completed in 2019.

Construction of a new grading and washing facility was completed at the end of March this year. This will enable us to grade and wash potatoes all-year-round. We are also looking to install an optical grader for the 2022 crop.



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