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11 May 2022

Job Opportunity – T. C. & N. Taylor Ltd Yard Supervisor We are looking to hire an engaged and capable individual to take responsibility for the day to day running of a busy farm yard.  The yard comprises of potato cold storage, grading facilities and grain storage.  Applicants should have experience in stock management and loading/unloading lorries.  Experience/qualifications for fork-lift truck and tractors desirable.  Farm experience not required.  Role may include additional field work during busy periods. Hours negotiable, salary on application.  Closing date for applications Friday 27th May 2020. CV and covering letter to:  

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TC & N Taylor Trials 2022

12 Apr 2022

  We are proud to announce that we will be hosting a wide range of potato and carrot trials during the 2022 growing season. Agrico UK will be showcasing a selection of their up-and-coming blight resistant potato varieties. This is the second year that they have asked us to be host. Despite covid restrictions, the 2021 site was well attended by a range of growers and businesses. Produce Solutions, on behalf of Greenvale AP, will be holding their usual organic potato variety trial. This has become an annual event and has helped us tremendously with our own varietal choice. We will also be carrying trial work with NEMguard PCN and NEMguard DE – both from Certis UK. NEMguard PCN will be on trial looking at its efficacy on potato cyst...

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TC & N Taylor Organic Variety Trials 2021

20 May 2021

This year we are hosting two large scale organic potato variety trials in conjunction with Agrico UK and Produce Solutions. The variety trials consist of Lady Balfour as a standard variety and comparing it against a number of ‘up and coming’ new varieties. In adition Mercian Ltd have also entered a number of crisping varieties to see how they perform in an organic setting. Mercian Ltd Agrico UK Produce Solutions

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Next Generation Potato Varieties – the fight against blight.

12 May 2021

Fighting blight: what does it take to bring a resistant variety to market? Bringing new potato varieties to the marketplace is very much a combined effort with seed breeders working closely with growers to develop desirable agronomic traits, and the wider supply chain for those crucial characteristics such dry matter distribution, sugar formation and storability, for example. In parallel, the work of researchers across the globe informs the breeders about the moving target that is blight and puts potential new varieties through their paces in the field. The James Hutton Institute is one such research body and currently has projects covering everything from pathogen diversity, evolution and phenotyping to host resistance and IPM. The...

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TSFG Potatoes Headland Spring Mix

12 May 2021

TSFG Potatoes Headland Spring Mix. Expertly selected by Oakbank Game and Conservation Ltd and is suitable for cultivation in all parts of the UK. Sown after the potatoes have been planted, it will quickly offer protection to the soil and develop a flowering habitat for beneficial insects. The mix contains: Buckwheat; Phacelia; Common Vetch; Crimson Clover; Berseem Clover and Daikon Radish. Sowing rate is 16kg/Ha. Offering the following benefits: Improve soil structure on highly trafficked areas Feed soil biology Reduce the potential for soil erosion Provide essential pollen and nectar for pollinator species and beneficial insects Buffer adjacent water courses

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TC & N Taylor Organic Potato Variety Trial 2020.

3 May 2020

This year we are hosting a large scale organic potato variety trial in conjunction with the trials team at Produce Solutions. The variety trial consists of Lady Balfour as a standard variety and comparing it against a number of ‘up and coming’ new varieties. We have also included a Lady Balfour Seed Density and a Seed Size trial, with the aim of ascertaing the optimum seed rate for this variety to achieve the optimum yield and size distribution.

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Carrot Harvesting Video Spring 2020

14 Apr 2020

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Partnerships and the fight against blight.

16 Aug 2019

TC & N. Taylor, Greenvale AP, and Produce Solutions, have been working together for nearly 20 years collaborating to understand and develop the organic potato market. Andy Clarkson, Greenvale’s current Managing Director, and Nick Taylor began the journey together in 2001. Here in 2019 they can be seen inspecting a fully blight resistant salad crop, in excellent health. Despite the huge blight pressure of this season, this field demonstrates that with research and 20 years of experience the impossible can be achieved. 26th of July 2019.

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Destoning 2019

26 May 2019

Destoning Potato Ground May 2019

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TC & N Taylor: Hosting organic potato variety trial 2019.

25 May 2019

Demand for organic potatoes is increasing again, and with it a need to identify better varieties – those that perform better in the field and those that perform the very best on the plate. This year TC & N Taylor has agreed to host an organic potato variety trial in conjunction with the trials team at Produce Solutions. The trial will consist of Lady Balfour as standard variety and comparing it against a number of ‘up and coming’ new varieties. Produce Solutions provides technical advice and support for potato and fresh produce growers and businesses, and includes an integrated trials team. Being a member of the Produce Investments group, it benefits from extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of potato and fresh produce...

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TC & N Taylor: New crop 2018 – Organic Onions.

6 Apr 2018

Variety Highlander: Slightly flat, globe-shaped bulbs are lighter in color than most long day varieties, but the bulbs are very firm with thin necks. Since it is an extra-early maturing variety, it can be planted in all the intermediate day areas, as well as the long day areas. It will store up to five months. With its tight, thin neck it is easy to cure. Highlander is less susceptible to botrytis and downy mildew, the two most common diseases in onions.

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TC & N Taylor: New supply contract in place for 2018/19.

4 Apr 2018

“From one man and a wheelbarrow to an award-winning organic delivery company.” The Riverford box scheme began when Guy Watson started delivering vegetables locally to 30 friends in Devon. It now delivers around 47,000 boxes a week to homes around the UK. TC & N Taylor has been supplying Riverford with organic produce for a number of years. This coming season we have a supply contract agreement in place and we look forward to developing the relationship further over the coming years.

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The challenges of 2017: Potato blight.

24 Mar 2018

Late potato blight (Phytophthora infestans) proved to be a major issue for us last season – resulting in significant yield loss. Late blight is one of the biggest challenges facing potato growers in general, for organic growers it’s a massive problem. Blight pressure during the 2017 season was particularly high; in addition, almost all the UK outbreaks of the strain EU37 were in the West Midlands. This strain of blight is particularly virulent and out-competes all of the other strains. As an organic grower the only way of controlling potato blight is to use a product called Cuprokylt. During the 2017 season an emergency authorization was granted. However, this emergency authorization can only be made twice, so 2018 will be the last...

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TC & N Taylor appears alongside Prime Minister Theresa May (2017).

21 Sep 2017

TC & N Taylor appears alongside Prime Minister Theresa May in The 2016/17 Parliamentary Review. Established by former minister The Rt Hon David Curry in 2010, The Parliamentary Review’s September release is now a key fixture in the political calendar. TC & N Taylor features alongside the Prime Minister and a small number of outstanding organisations in a document that looks back on the year in industry and Westminster. The main aim of the Review is to showcase best practice as a learning tool to the public and private sector. Across all policy areas, The Parliamentary Review is sent to over half a million leading policymakers. The articles in the Review act as both a blueprint for success and a template for reform. The Prime...

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New Three Bed Carrot/Parsnip Drill – June 2017.

25 Jun 2017

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