Alongside, (and complimentary to) the production of root crops, we are farming 300 hectares of combinable crops made up of Spring Oats, Spring Barley and legumes (Peas/Beans). The Oats are destined for milling (cereal bars) and the Barley is used for malting (lager production), with a good proportion going for export. The spring cropping of these is an essential part of our rotation. Our Pea/Bean crops satisfy another element of the rotation – nitrogen fixation. We use all our own seed, with any surplus being sold on the open market.

Our new grain store has now been completed. This will provide us with an increaseed storage capacity of around 25%. This means that all our grain can be dried within 24-hours of harvest.

This extra space has also provided us with spare capacity for drying and storage in difficult seasons. We are extremely happy (and relieved) about this fact.


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