We are growing 130 hectares of organic carrots for the 2021/2022 season, destined, in the main, for the the UK’s major supermarkets.

As well as the above, we have also targeted a lage area of production for the ‘baby food’ market and ‘box schemes’, these two outlets, combined, account for around 15% of our total production.

Supply starts in August and extends through to the following May, with all later harvested (post December) carrots being ‘strawed up’ through the winter months.

Varieties in production include: Norwich, Nairobi, Eskimo, and the variety Bangor for the processing market.

New for 2021: Due to customer demand we have insatlled a carrot washer to facilitate a basic level of washing for processing and wholesale outlets.

Variety Development: We are always keen to look at new varieties. For example, this year we are monitoring drillings of a variety called Brilliance.

New Product Development: This season, in conjunction with Dr Richard Binks of, we are using a biological approach to help reduce carrot root fly.


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