TC & N Taylor Trials 2022


We are proud to announce that we will be hosting a wide range of potato and carrot trials during the 2022 growing season.

Agrico UK will be showcasing a selection of their up-and-coming blight resistant potato varieties. This is the second year that they have asked us to be host. Despite covid restrictions, the 2021 site was well attended by a range of growers and businesses.

Produce Solutions, on behalf of Greenvale AP, will be holding their usual organic potato variety trial. This has become an annual event and has helped us tremendously with our own varietal choice.

We will also be carrying trial work with NEMguard PCN and NEMguard DE – both from Certis UK. NEMguard PCN will be on trial looking at its efficacy on potato cyst nematode and free-living nematode. Nemguard DE will be on trial in our carrots looking at its efficacy on free-living nematode.

Koppert have a couple of products that we will be using in our carrots for the control of aphids and carrot fly. The Koppert range of biological products have become a big part of our IPM strategy, fitting in really well with our organic system.

We will also be planting approximately 8 hectares of DeCyst Prickly and DeCyst Broadleaf (Produce Solutions) to look at its effect on potato cyst nematode. Last year’s results were extremely encouraging. DeCyst is part of an integrated approach to help us keep on top of PCN.


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