Biological control of aphids.

Biological aphid control has been introduced onto the farm following successful trials in 2016. As part of a fully integrated pesticide policy beneficial insects have been encouraged for many years – by the planting of floristically enhanced margins, and last year a full release program of lacewings, parasitic wasps and ladybirds was carried out to predate on the Carrot Willow Aphid. The numbers were controlled so effectively that the plan has now been adopted into our intergrated management approach.
15,000 lacewings are introduced during April, along with 3000 parsitic wasps. Then in May 1,500 ladybirds are released so they can lay their eggs and the larvae will then feed ‘frantically’ on the aphids during late June. This should have the added benefit of allowing populations to build up throughout the rest of the year so that future years are also protected. The insects are simply dispersed around the hedges/margins, of the vunerable fields, on the ‘down wind’ side and they move themselves in with the help of the wind.
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